Truenorthlogic is the K-12 expert in implementing actionable software solutions to support an educator's entire professional growth cycle.

Research has long been clear that teachers matter more to student learning than any other in-school factor.

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the total package

Bring together all educator effectiveness data - performance management, professional development, student outcomes, human resources - within a single sign-on system. We support the unique needs, complex rules, and requirements of K-12 education in supporting an educator's cycle of continuous improvement.

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In these challenging times, Truenorthlogic partners with education organizations to support the growth and success of all teachers, leaders and staff while also generating cost savings through automation of paper-intensive educator effectiveness processes.

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Valuable Partnerships

Our partners are instrumental in working with us to offer a full package of curriculum, instruction, assessments and reporting needs. We can help you solve complex challenges, such us providing a way for student learning objectives (SLOs) to be directly linked to teacher evaluation and instructional reform, or building inter-rater reliability among observers and ensuring their evidence is defensible.

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Truenorthlogic systems have a proven track record housing professional development and educator effecitveness data for over five million educators, staff and students. Truenorthlogic clients consist of many of the leading state education agencies and school districts across the country, including the top three largest U.S. school districts.

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Truenorthlogic's flexible system allows us to empower our employees by enhancing their professional and scholarly talent while simultaneously encouraging the development and sharing of innovative practices. Our evaluation process is custom built into the framework of the system allowing us to effectively support educators through a transparent, paperless process, connecting evaluation directly to professional development and growth for all teachers. *

* Kent P. Scribner, Ph.D., Superintendent for the Phoenix Union High School District