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Effective Educators for Every Student

Unified K-12 Talent Management System

One integrated solution for all educators, at all stages of their career

The Solution

Professional Growth Drives Student Achievement

Educators want a personalized approach to professional growth. Truenorthlogic’s Professional Learning Management System manages all types of professional development for educators that specifically address their individual needs.

The Solution

Multiple Measure Evaluation Increases Performance

Ever-changing policies, standards and evaluation rubrics bring complexity to educator effectiveness programs. Truenorthlogic’s Performance Management System brings together the multiple-measures of evaluation, adapting to your district’s processes and evolving as approaches change.

The Solution

Educator Effectiveness Propels Outcomes

Educator effectiveness is a continuous cycle of development guiding individual improvement based upon evaluated needs, district requirements, and completion of targeted learning. Truenorthlogic brings great educator effectiveness programs to life by streamlining data so you’re able to see student achievement.

The Solution

Collaboration Impacts District Success

A Florida school district was in need of a unifed system that delivers true transparency and accountability across the district. Volusia County School District partnered with Truenorthlogic to deliver a system for empowering teachers that integrates the district’s choice of professional development content, methodologies, and data sources.

The Solution

Calibration Connect

Build Confidence and Accuracy in Observations

How can your district ensure observers are gathering defensible evidence and scores are fair and accurate?

The Solution

What Our Clients are Saying

"Truenorthlogic's flexible system allows us to empower our employees by enhancing their professional and scholarly talent while simultaneously encouraging the development and sharing of innovative practices. Our evaluation process is custom built into the framework of the system allowing us to effectively support educators through a transparent, paperless process, connecting evaluation directly to professional development and growth for all teachers."

‐ Kent P. Scribner, Ph.D., Superintendent for the Phoenix Union High School District