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Truenorthlogic is committed to supporting the ongoing professional growth of K-12 educational leaders, teachers and staff in order to generate success for all students.


Jeanette Haren, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Jeanette Haren

“I love working at Truenorthlogic because I’m continuously inspired by our customers and our employees. It is an honor and a privilege to work with each of them on one of the most important issues facing this country today; ensuring an effective educator for every student.”

As Truenorthlogic’s CEO, Jeanette is responsible for establishing the company’s vision and values. She guides the management team in their strategic decisions, along with managing the relationships of the most important stakeholders, including our largest clients, employees, shareholders and partners.

Jeanette draws upon an extensive career in software for education. For more than 18 years, Jeanette has led teams to build state-of-the-art software architecture and implementation for large-scale Internet systems deployment.

Jeanette started her career in software programming for Evans & Sutherland Computer Graphics Corp working on relational database systems. In 1995, she joined Utah Education Network (UEN) as Director of Software Engineering and led a programming team to design and implement an Internet education system to enable curriculum integration of the web into all K-12 classrooms in Utah. Prior to founding Truenorthlogic, Jeanette served as Director of Product Architecture at Campus Pipeline, where she managed teams that designed and implemented higher education portal systems focusing on institution system aggregation and building online communities.

Jeanette holds a B.S .in Computer Science, from the University of Utah. Jeanette was recognized in 2006 with U.S. Patent #7093020 for co-authoring the patent: “Methods and systems for coordinating sessions on one or more systems,” recognizing their technical innovation in secure, web-based designs which enables transparent coordination of systems to interoperate via the Internet. She was recognized in Utah’s Top 40 under 40 business people in 2007. In 2012, Jeanette received the Women Tech Council Award for Outstanding Entrepreneur.

Kathy Lee, Executive Vice President

“Educators are the heart of the classroom and the single most important factor in educating our children. I love working at Truenorthlogic because we help our educators be the best that they can be. Everyone at Truenorthlogic is passionate about making a difference for the children in our classrooms.”

Kathy Lee, a prominent education industry executive, joined Truenorthlogic as Executive Vice President in 2009. She manages the sales, marketing and professional client services teams.

Kathy began her career at IBM in sales for K-12 Education where she created new markets, sales channels and partnerships that enabled significant growth for IBM in the education industry. As Northeast Regional Manager she grew sales of IBM’s Educational products to $280 mm. Kathy has been sought out by state education leaders, governors and district leaders for strategies on bringing the effective use of technology into education. Before Truenorthlogic, Kathy served as the General Manager for the Education Practice at SAS (the world’s largest privately owned software company), where she led this newly formed business unit providing analytics and curriculum solutions to K-12 and Higher Education to revenue of $35 million. Several new product solutions were brought to market under her direction.

Kathy is a graduate of Albion College.

Eric Jensen, Chief Technology Officer

“The environment and people at Truenorthlogic are fantastic, motivating us to overcome any challenges that arise in producing an exceptional product.”

Eric Jensen has quickly combined an array of computer science knowledge and skills with a powerful work ethic to become a force in the K-12 software engineering field. Awarded full scholarships from the University of Utah, Eric earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science. During that time he also worked as a graduate research assistant and as a consultant for several companies, as well as holding leadership positions in a variety of organizations in the field.

After completion of his Masters degree, Eric accepted a position as Director of the Engineering Department, and played a large role in the meteoric growth of the company and the development of quality products. In 2008, Eric was promoted to CTO and has since been leading the development and future technical direction of the premier player in this sector of the K-12 market.

Shane Mortensen, Manager of Software Engineering

“Without a doubt, Truenorthlogic’s team is the brightest and most productive group of engineers I have ever worked with!”

In January 2010, Shane Mortensen moved from his position as a senior level Java Software Developer at Truenorthlogic to Manager of Software Engineering. Shane’s responsibilities include managing and directing the engineering team. He serves as the senior technical lead and mentor for members of his team by being an important resource for further refining requirements and helping develop solid designs and architectures of the product.

Shane has been developing software since 1994; he’s worked in everything from C, C++, to Java and web development. He began his software engineering career at Auto-Soft Corp developing software applications for use in the semiconductor industry. Shane’s prior work experience includes Campus Pipeline, where he helped develop a Java web-based portal for higher education. Campus Pipeline quickly became well known as the industry leader in higher education portals. In July 2006, Shane joined Bountiful Wifi as Director of Technology where he was responsible for software engineering, networking, quality assurance and IT infrastructure.

Shane graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Mathematics, along with an emphasis in Computer Science and French.

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The environment and people at Truenorthlogic are fantastic, motivating us to overcome any challenges that arise in producing an exceptional product. *

* Eric Jensen
Chief Technology Officer